Hans Leeuw
Hans Leeuw


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Hans  Leeuw  


Hans Leo (Zwaag, January 3, 1965) initially studied physics, but will switch overto the conservatory in 1990. With classmates as saxophonist Esmee Olthuis, reed player Tobias Klein and bassist Edwin Wieringa he founded in the late ninetiesthe musicians on TryTone. Together they give out CDs, they form the basis of the 'bigtet' Tetzepi and they organize concerts at the Amsterdam stage room 100. Also they seek contact with contemporaries from other European countries, with whom they regularly organize European TryTone Festival. 

The musical credoTryTone reads "New Ways of Jazz," and that is reflected in the mix of jazz and improvised music with influences from rock, world music, contemporary music and electronics. That last element is increasingly important for Leo, and from 2008 he works electrumpet, a digital electronic addition to the acoustic trumpet.

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